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  5. "The mouse is in a bag."

"The mouse is in a bag."

Translation:Tha an luch ann am baga.

January 16, 2020



This is an example of an issue which confuses me. an luch means "the mouse", am baga on its own means "the bag" but as the object of a sentence it becomes "a bag" There have been an few similar instances in the course why does the object of the sentence have the indefinite article "a", instead of definite article "the" and what would be the Gaelic for The mouse is in THE bag


"tha na h-èisg anns an loch" means - "The fish are in the lake" in this case the object of the sentence has the definite article, in contrast with "Tha an luch ann am baga" - where the object does not have the definite article Or is the clue in the difference between "anns an" and "ann an" - as in my other post???


Hey, you're right in saying the difference is 'anns' and 'ann'. Think of it like this:

  • ann an > in a
  • anns an > in the
  • baga > a bag OR bag

So even though am baga means 'the bag', ann am baga means 'in a bag', because ann am means 'in a' and baga is 'bag'. Does that make it clearer? :)


Thanks for your patience Joanna. I have slowly worked that one out, having got it wrong repeatedly.


No bother at all, I'm happy to help :)

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