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"Tha mi a' faicinn seanair mòr."

Translation:I am seeing a big grandfather.

January 16, 2020



Is "a big grandfather" supposed to mean something here, or is it just one of those nonsense sentences that Duolingo throws out from time to time?


It's one of those nonsense sentences. It's teaching you the construction. You could replace seanair with any noun.


I know someone already asked what big grandfather meant but... just to make sure, this isnt an alternative way to say great grandfather is it?


No, I don't believe so. It's a grammatically correct sentence that makes no real sense in either language (beyond the literal 'a grandfather, who happens to be large').


I probably see a great- grandpa.


They have a word for that. This, as John pointed out, literally means a grandfather who is large. It's not a way of referring to your grandfather's father.


Great grandfather is sinn-seanair

Sinn-seanmhair is great grandmother. If you want to say great great grandfather it works the same as in English (sinn-sinn-seanair)

This example sentence is literally referring to the size of the grandfather. So it makes little sense.

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