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  5. "Where is the red door?"

"Where is the red door?"

Translation:Càite a bheil an doras dearg?

January 16, 2020



Why does this sometimes say "Càit a bheil" instead of "Càite a bheil"?


It's the same thing, just a newer (without the -e) spelling. They're standardising across the course for the next tree, I believe they said. You can use either one (and I prefer it with the e so that's what I use) =)


My understanding is that ruadh is a sort of rust/ginger and typically hair, fur or other natural fibres, and dearg is sort of the bold, painted red.

But, I'm a very basic learner.


I was corrected on "Càite." They acted like I made a typo and put "Cà" instead, but I don't remember learning that anywhere in my notes. I'm guessing it's yet another update they're implementing...?


I would have expected càit, I've got nothing for

It's very briefly mentioned in the tips, under the "Questions" section, as to whether càit or càite, but I don't think that note was in there in version 1.


then it's just a one-line notice:

N.B. The word càite shortens to càit when it comes before a word beginning with a vowel.

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