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  5. "Nach eil piobar againn?"

"Nach eil piobar againn?"

Translation:Don't we have pepper?

January 16, 2020



When is it piobar and when piobair?


This was a wee mistake we made in this tree, but it will be fixed in the next one. The correct spelling is piobar :)


Ah thanks! (A general point: I notice that when you have to type an answer, sometimes you can make an error that is not picked up, either as a typo or as an error. That can be confusing as when you hesitate over a spelling or accent, then get marked right, you assume your answer was correct, when sometimes it isn't. I wondered whether this was one of those cases.)


That is a Duolingo bug, I'm afraid :(


So is piobair wrong?


I am hearing an extra syllable like ‘am’ before ‘Nach’ but that does not show in the answer.


It's just you. I just checked, there's no extra syllable there.


I went through this lesson (phrases 1) before everything was updated and 'againn' was not introduced. I've finish both 'numbers' lessons and I still have not learned 'againn.' I think I can remember it now but do you know in which lesson this was introduced so that I may go back and review that lesson freguently until I have a better understanding of how it sounds and when it is used? Tapadh leibh!


why is this question in the section for family?!

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