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  5. "Tha mi ag obair an-dràsta."

"Tha mi ag obair an-dràsta."

Translation:I am working just now.

January 16, 2020



What would "I have work just now" look like?


In what sense?

If I were to say I have work just now as in, I have a job right now. I'd probably use "tha obair (or "tha dreuch") agam a-nis".

If I were to say I am going to work I'd probably say something like "tha mi a' dol dhan obair a-nis".


Thanks. The second one would be closest to what I meant. Something like, "Don't bother me with your jibber-jabber, I have work just now!"


How would I translate 'I am at work just now' ?

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