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  5. "Go outside the house."

"Go outside the house."

Translation:E puka i waho o ka hale.

January 17, 2020



can one say: E hele i waho o ka hale


same question - I used "hele" and it was marked wrong. I would think using "puka" means like going out (the door, etc.) and "hele" would mean more generally just going from inside out. (?)


Would there be a difference if you were trying to say come outside the house, as in you were outside and calling to someone inside the house?


I thought a prior lesson said "e komo i waho"?? is that incorrect?


Why is it 'o ka hale' and not 'i ka hale'?


Just musing since I forgot the "i waho" this time...if you say "e puka o ka hale," would that be "pass through the house" (like - enter, go through, come out the other side?)

(BTW, really appreciate all your helpful responses, rabelon!)

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