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"This is the professor's computer."

Translation:هٰذا حاسوب اَلْأُسْتاذة.

January 17, 2020



This keeps happening. The English text is gender neutral: it could either refer to a male professor or a female professor. The recommended Arabic translation refers to a female professor: I translated it into a male professor sentence, and اَلْأُسْتاذ got flagged as a typo. Well, I'm not telepathic: there was no way I could have known, from the English text, whether it should be translated with male professor or female professor. If, as people say, this is all done by some sort of AI, then it's not very good AI.


Yea. Agreed. Im long past this point. I recognize the mistake but I still worry about the long term effect of constantly seeing incorrect stuff


I don't understand in those examples the changes between alifs with hamza أ (glottal stop ' ), wasla ٱ (bond between the alif of the article and a preceding vocal) or maddah آ (to replace a 'alif hamza fatha أَ + 'alif long ا ). Here, "the professor" is written with a maddah آ, but there is no long 'alif ا here to use it, shouldn't it begin with a wasla ٱ instead ? confusing stuff here...


Am I right that this doesn't need huwwa because of the iḍāfä? hâdhā al-ḥāsūb "this computer" hâdhā huwwa al-ḥāsūb "this is the computer" hâdhā ḥāsūb "this is a computer" --BUT-- even though ḥāsūb is definite in this sentence (because of the definite iḍāfä) it doesn't need huwwa because "This professor's computer" would be ḥāsūb hâdhā al-ustādhä Am I right?

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