Sound Problems!


Can something please be done about the sound? It is too quiet. If the settings were louder & folk find them too loud, they will have the option of turning their sounds down. At the moment, I have no options because I cannot get them any louder.

I have my laptop turned up to 100% volume but cannot hear anything clearly. I object to having to use ear buds in order to hear the lessons!

Thank you.


January 17, 2020


This is very device dependent. I have significant hearing loss, but on my new S4 tablet I don't need earbuds for the course and I don't wear my hearing aids at home. On my previous S2 tablet I had to have earbuds. In reality, I should wear earbuds anyway because it is easier to discern some of the difficult sounds. Also, at the beginning of the course I had to have the volume louder but as my ears have adjusted to the language, I've been able to turn it down. Maybe it will get better for you.

Thank you, Mimi! That is very helpful information. I will try it on my S4 in future.

Best of luck with your course. :)


I am hard of hearing and I have always used earphones for all of the Duolingo language courses - it would be impossible for me otherwise. I am more interested in being able to read and write rather than speak the languages so I don't worry about it.

I should do that too. It definitely makes a difference.

Depending on your operating system, you can go above the 100% level. Take a look at sound settings. I have mine set at 135% but I am using Linux.

Thank you for that wee tip, Jim! I will try it!

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