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auf der vs am

since they basically mean the same thing, when do i use one vs the other?

6 years ago


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The point is, they don't mean the same thing.

"am" => "at"

"auf (der)" => "on", "upon", "in" ... and also "at" ("at his premises", "at my cost",...)

The only sentence I can think of at the moment, in which "auf der" would be translated as at, would be: "she was at her best" => "sie war auf der Höhe". But you could not use "am" here.

6 years ago


Sie war auf der Party. - is another example when "auf der" means "at". Prepositions are tricky. We often do not use the same propositions in the two languages to convey the same meaning. Example: I live on Main Street. But: Ich wohne in der Hauptstrasse.

6 years ago


Auf - "auf dem Bett, auf dem Tisch" - a thing stands on a horizontal base An - "an der Tafel, an der Wand" - a thing is placed on a vertical wall

6 years ago