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  5. "Your pet has four limbs."

"Your pet has four limbs."

Translation:loS ghamDu' ghaj Sajraj.

January 17, 2020



It's not clear to me whether the "your pet" refers to one person, or several people.

So why isn't SajlIj correct instead of Sajraj?


As far as translating the English goes, SajlIj your pet (possessed by one person) and Sajraj your pet (possessed by multiple people) are both correct. Was SajlIj rejected?


Yes, "Sajlij" was rejected.


Both answers are accepted for this sentence. I do not see any reports, so I can't tell if you may have made some other error. Do you have a screen shot?


Unfortunately, I don't have a screenshot. But it definitely rejected "SajlIj," and would only accept "Sajraj."


The answer markup was split mid/word, as Saj[raj/lIj]. That doesn't work. I have corrected it to [SajlIj/Sajraj], so it should work now.

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