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  5. "These are two boats."

"These are two boats."

Translation:Seo dà bhàta.

January 17, 2020



Why two spellings for 'boats' ?? Bhata or Bataichean?? which is correct or is there context to apply?


Incidentally 'bata' doesn't mean 'a boat' but 'a stick', 'a boat' is 'bàta'. In Gaelic, unlike in English, the accents really matter, because they can often change the meaning (although of course sometimes you do find inconsistencies, as in any language).


Both are correct. The numbers one and two take the singular.

Bàta (or bhàta with lenition) is a boat. Bataichean is "boats".


I could have sworn that in earlier questions the question used the construction "... da bataichean"


Dà is always followed by the singular noun and lenites the following consonant. So dà bhàta (2 boats), dà chù (2 dogs), dà chat (2 cats), dà bhalach (2 boys) dà bhata (2 sticks - no accent on the a!)

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