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  5. "The juice is finished."

"The juice is finished."

Translation:Pau ka wai hua ʻai.

January 17, 2020



As with the reverse of this translation, I think that "Mākaukau ka wai hua 'ai" is a possible (if not better) translation of this English sentence.


Can someone explain this for me? The first choice for "is finished" was "ua pau". This was not accepted.


Ah, yeah, I did the same thing the first time and used "Ua pau ka wai huaʻai" because of the DL hint. But, on the second time around, I realized that would be past tense, i.e. "The juice was finished." I think that the hint is just for the word finished and is not within the context of the current sentence. The confusion might be because in English the word finished is past tense and something "is" finished in the present. However, pau is present tense unless modified by ua, so no need for it in this answer.

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