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"Chan eil Fionnlagh toilichte an-diugh."

Translation:Finlay is not happy today.

January 17, 2020



Her accent is very hard to hear. I can get chan eil and an-diugh, but the middle is so muddled. I want to tell her 'to bruidhinn nas slaodaiche. Can there be a speak slower button so that on can hear it clearer?


Yes, she is very hard to understand. All i was able to get was Fionnlagh and an-diugh. I guess she is practice for the real world, but there you can say "bruidhinn nas slaodaiche" :)


Very hard to hear this one.


I struggle so much with this speaker! It is disheartening, when I do well with all the others. It will take time to "get" the dialect being used here. Right now, my heart sinks every time I hear this voice!


Something that may help is to listen to more examples where the name is being used:


I've found listening to multiple examples where certain words or names are used can help a lot because it let me start picking out parts of the sentence that gave me trouble.


It's not the name that is the issue. It is everything in between. I just dread as soon as I hear his voice. Even with the text after you cannot enter a correct answer, I do not hear toilichte at all.


I have developed an ear with this speaker finally!


This persons voice brings me so much joy. I am greatful they're willing to share their knowledge.


Do people that actually speak Gàidhlig understand this??


It's a new language for you, it'll take you some time to develop an ear for it - until then, if it's the speaker I'm thinking of, her pronunciation is exactly how it should sound.


I know my ears should eventually tune in to her but at the moment its not happening for me unfortunately


I also have trouble with this one. I don't hear the ch at the beginning at all, so my brain is totally lost trying to parse it from the audio only.


I still have to say that this is one of my favourite speakers and that as a learner I can't fault her meter or enunciation. My only issue with her recordings is that there aren't enough of them!


I agree. Beautiful phrasing. Not that I'm an expert. But it sounds beautiful.


Love those who defend.


I have learned to appreciate this lady! Her vowels pronunciation is much better than another speaker... can't get the "oirre" or "orra"...


I was following along and still had a hard time understanding what was being said

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