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  5. "Tha mi a' cumail còta."

"Tha mi a' cumail còta."

Translation:I am keeping a coat.

January 17, 2020



"Tha mi a' cumail còta." What, exactly, does this mean? Am I having the coat put aside for me? Am I keeping the coat for a rainy day? Or is it simply another way of saying that I have a coat? Could I say, "Tha mi a' cumail cù/cat." for "I am keeping/looking after a dog/cat."

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Exactly. Because I tried answering with 'I am keeping THE coat', which actually makes sense in English, and was marked wrong. So I'd like to understand why this statement makes sense in Gaelic. Because it doesn't seem to, in English.


My mnemonic for 'cumail' is its similarity to Latin 'cumulus' = '(a) heap' and English 'accumulate'. Just wanted to share that.


I would be interested too in knowing what exactly this sentence means. What's an example of a context where this sentence might be used?


...Besides, of course, in a Duolingo exercise, LOL!


Doesn't make sense.. keeping a coat ?? Are you also feeding it ?


It would be great if someone at Duolingo could read and answer these questions, please. What, exactly, is this sentence about? Is it someone having a clear out who decides to keep one coat? Even then, I'd expect them to use "aon"....

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