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  5. "Chan eil sinn a' goid idir."

"Chan eil sinn a' goid idir."

Translation:We are not stealing at all.

January 17, 2020



Is the continuous tense a must? Why is "We do not steal at all" not accepted? Is present simple not used in Gaelic? How to destinguish between "We are not stealing at all - RIGHT NOW" vs "We generally never steal at all" (Is it via "an-drasta"/"a-nis"? Do those make that simple/continuous differentiation?


As far as I can tell the only verb with a simple present in Scottish Gaelic is 'to be' either with either of its forms (the Is form used for equating nouns, and the tha form used for equating nouns to adjectives and starting off the sentences I am at Xing which is how most other things are put into the present.) For talking about things you do regularly you use the future form (So if you are saying I get up at eight and get my breakfast and leave the house at nine, in Gaelic that will be in the future form, effectively on any given day I will get up at eight etc.) But for the other part of your question, I'm afraid my brain is too tired to try and remember that. Though I have a vague idea that if you wanted to convey the 'we are not stealing now and this is unlikely to change) you might use the future form. Cha ghoid sinn idir. Which can be used as I said for the habitual but also for immediate (describing what doing now) and because it's in the future indicates your chances of stealing at all. But that is just a guess.


That's a very good question, about the present continuous vs present simple tense.

I'm a slightly above elementary learner. As far as I can tell, there is no simple present in (Scottish) Gaelic and everything is expressed in the present continuous form.

Having said that, I do hope someone will either share a good link or a good explanation at some point in the not-too-distant future :)


Could this mean, "We're/We are not stealing anything." ??


Chan eil sinn a' goid rud sam bith - we are not stealing anything.


My effort with a simple present was marked as incorrect. So is this said while holding somebody else's, um boots or something in your hands? Then how do you express "We do not steal, ever, we aren't thieves."?


Chan eil sinn a' goid am-feasta, chan e bradaich a th' annainn is my best guess for that.

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