"My newspaper"

Translation:Il mio giornale

April 29, 2013

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Can someone explain the difference between "il mio giornale" and "il giornale mio"? Are there certain times when you'd use one over the other, or are they interchangeable...?


It isn't interchangeable. To say something is possessively yours in Italian it's basically like saying "the my/yours/ours/his/hers item." The possessive marker goes in the middle of the term. So saying "il giornale mio" would be like saying, "the newspaper, my." The organization is just like that. Don't take my word on it though! This is just my educated guess from getting this far..


My question is... can I not just say "Mio giornale"? Or would that be improper? It is obvious that it is my by saying mio, why do I have to reiterate that it is il mio?


It is just like that. It's a rule you always need to say il/la/lo before nouns, fruits, things, etc. The only case where you don't is with direct family such as mom, dad, parents, brother, sister, cousin, aunt, etc


Why is it "mio" if "giornale" end with an "e"?


Because mio is specifically talking about "I" just like how you would normally conjugate most regular verbs io mangio or io scrivo. Do not know how much that helps...


Can mio be changed to mia if I were a girl? Or am I getting it wrong? I typed in il mia filename, and it was wrong.


It is because you use the gender of the thing, not your gender

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