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  5. "Tha i gu math dorcha."

"Tha i gu math dorcha."

Translation:It is really dark.

January 17, 2020



I have seen "gu math" translated as quite or really. What is the context for this as quite dark and really dark would be different sentences.



I'll still use it for both as that's how it's intended in its own language.


'Really' is well described by the idiomatic phrase'air leth' in everyday Gaelic in a number of areas/islands.


Would "too" be an acceptable answer?


The VOICE of this lady sounds VERY annoying to me - and I don't know WHY !


I know! I think because she's being so very expressive that she sounds mocking or fake? So a bit like she might turn on you. But I find her very easy to understand, and I can make things out even when she speaks fast, so I'm glad she put in the effort.


I find her voice very cheerful! She sounds like a fun person.


I keep getting confused.

Is "Tha i" "It is" or "She is"?

Like, what's the difference? How does a native speaker understand when i mean a "She" or an "It"?


It's both. i is both "she" and feminine "it". e is both "he" and masculine "it".

Context will tell you whether it's s/he or it. In this case you COULD be talking about Mairi's new tan but it's far more likely you're talking about the weather or the night and saying "it".

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