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Why am I asked to Log in over and over?

Although I have signed in and just about to begin the Spanish Lesson, the screen disappears and shows, once again, the "Sign In" screen. I must have logged in three to four times in a row, and it's disappointing. Could you help, please. Thanks.

July 7, 2014



I've been having the same problem :( Also had troubles relating to topics/posts if that's related..

I'm guessing it has something to do with adding the new feature they need for the new languages since it started around the same time...but yeah, Idunno, just a guess.


Can you tell me what browser/version you're using? Thanks!


I use Firefox and/or Safari. I think I have the latest versions for both.


I was having a similar problem. I was using Safari and when I switched over to Firefox the problems were gone! Try switching browsers.


Now that we have received the announcement to use the Duolingo compatible browsers, such as, Chrome and Firefox, I hope the use of these will ease our efforts. Interestingly, Safari was doing well with me -- I was shifting from Safari to Firefox and vice-versa. When Firefox gets immobile (not responding), then I move back to Safari. So, it was a toss between Safari and Firefox. Also, I did try the Chrome browser, which gives me a "duh" feeling when it tells me to "wait" or "kill page." So, let's see how good (effective) Chrome and Firefox will be! :)


my native language is not on the list of duolingo languages and i am here to learn english language but to signup for duolingo i need to choose one language to learn(where i didn't find English)i chose germany.now i want to improve my english can any one help me??

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