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Basic conversation with this course

Will I be able to have basic conversations with people if I do everything in this course to level 5?

January 17, 2020



Being 100% honest? No. This course teaches MSA. That's the formal, literary form of Arabic that's spoken on Arabic news, in politics, in the Quran, and pretty much nowhere else. Nobody actually speaks the form of Arabic taught in this course in real life.

This is an introductory course only, and really rather limited at that. Over the coming years they might update it with more content. Or they might not.

Why don't they teach Arabic dialects? That is actually a whole other can of worms.


Cheers, have a lingot


what he is saying is correct though even with formal arabic you can still speak to locals it does sound weird to them but they will understand you and they will like you for trying to speak their language . and you'll easily be able to pick up their accents if you speak the main formal arabic


according what i have read if you know MSA well it is easy to learn dialect

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