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Help please! Cannot see students' names!

Hello Everyone!

I wonder if you came across this situation. I have created a classroom for my (adult) students. They joined the classroom by following the instructions, entering the code etc.

However, I am only able to see some names on the class list. The other names appear as long codes with letters and numbers. Consequently, I am unable to associate students with their corresponding scores and progress.

Why can't I see their names even though each one of them has a Duolingo account with his/her real name (not a code)??

Even their email addresses show as coded Duolingo email addresses and not their real email addresses.

Any idea?

Thank you in advance.


January 18, 2020



Here's the workaround: Have your students log on again, and then go to the little blue silhouette in the upper right corner (unless they have added an avatar already). Click on it, and scroll down to settings. Then click on "progress sharing." Have them type in your classroom code one last time and it should work. They'll never have to do that again.

Hope this helps!


..... even coded email addresses ....

You might try to contact Duolingo's staff via teachers@duolingo.com

.... or ask for help that requires the exchange of usernames and/or other sensitive pieces of information by writing to: teachers@duolingo.com.

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