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"Chan eil Eòghann gòrach idir."

Translation:Ewan is not stupid at all.

January 18, 2020



Chan eil Eòghann gòrach idir

In the lady's spoken Gaelic I am hearing an "e" after Eoghann Chan eil Eoghann e gorach idir Anyone else?


Yes, I hear a bit of a vowel there. Like "uh" or similar (a schwa.)


Yes, I'm hearing an eliding 'i' sound between Eòghann and gòrach. I only hear it noticeably on this version of the sentence. The version without 'idir' is barely there, and 'Eòghann gòrach' doesn't have it.


Names are difficult to learn in all languages. So I would really appreciate it if this Gaelic speaker would slow down on the name slightly. Please.


I really wish there was a way to have a "slow" button on the this course. I get that they're making it realistic but for beginners (like myself) it can be a bit much to follow!! ☺


I wrote Ewan is not at all stupid - why is that wrong?


I hear "Leonie gòrach", even after I see that Eòghann was the name meant.


How does one pronounce Leonie then?

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