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Conjuga-me (language resources)

I found a place called conjuga-me some time ago when I was going through the Portuguese course and it has really helped me. You simply type a word in the infinitive and it gives you conjugations for that word in a very organized way. Thought I should share it with you guys.

If anybody has another similar site not just for portuguese but for any other language available here in Duolingo please share it.


(Look for more in the comments!)

July 7, 2014



Why can't there be one easy site that does the most common languages? And also lets you put in the english (or another language) the verb (say I want) then output it to something else - Japanese, arabic, spanish, etc. I want to KNOW the verb "to want" in Japanese, but I don't know it.


Well, I have one that translates many languages to each other but for Japanese translates to Spanish or French, but those definitely translate to English so you could do it in two steps, unfortunately it translates to katakana, but I am sure there is a direct dictionary out there. Check freedict.com. Okay, jisho.org .is really for Japanese to English.

Arab translates back and forth to French or English in Reverso. It is in their script, but allows you to listen to it spoken.













It's actually a good idea, but it seems like a lot of work.


Your example is very interesting, because "to want" in Japanese is usually expressed with the adjective 欲しい (hoshii) or with the たい verb form (as in 食べたい, "want to eat"). That right there shows you how big a challenge a software like this would be.


Yes, but most of these sites give the other language's verb and don't allow you to put (in English) something. to want, to give, to hug, to drink, to drive, to swim, to run, to walk, to . . . . They would mostly only give the verb in Spanish, French, German, Italian or something else and you have to 'fumble' around trying to get the verb (translation) you want.


There is a software (for pc, android and apple) called "Human Japanese 2.0" I went through it and it covers all the basics in a very clear manner. Recently they released "Human Japanese Intermediate" which concentrates on more vocabulary and teaching Kanji. If anyone feels interested I'll leave it here: Human Japanese


Verbix is a truly multi-language conjugator: http://www.verbix.com/languages/. Reverso is another one specialising in English, Spanish, French and German: http://conjugator.reverso.net. A couple more for Portuguese: http://www.flip.pt/FLiP-On-line/Conjugador.aspx and http://www.infopedia.pt/verbos-portugueses/ (you may need to force the desktop version on a mobile device). [Added later: someone recently suggested: http://www.conjugacao-de-verbos.com for Portuguese.]


I use this for Spanish, and this for French.


A lot of people know about http://www.wordreference.com/, but their conjugations shortcuts are really easy to use, too. No conjugations for Portuguese, but for Spanish, Italian and French the work very well -

Firefox - http://www.wordreference.com/tools/Firefox-search-shortcut.aspx

Chrome - http://www.wordreference.com/tools/Chrome-search-shortcut.aspx

Shortcuts are great to do quick translations too!



I've been using Collins ES-EN app on iPad and iPhone. There is an easy tap to conjugate all the verbs and switch easily between tenses. Using WordReference.com, a great resource for all sort of word usage and phrase usage, you can access Collins and get the congregations too. Word Reference works for multiple languages, not just ES-EN.


Leave a double space in between every link or use a (-) (just the line) before the link or sentence and it will be something like this.


It is really a great site!


Conjuga-me is a good one, but I prefer Conjugação (http://www.conjugacao.com.br). Bons estudos ;D


Another one for my bookmarks :)


If you want one for basically all (major) languages, verbix will be your best shot- http://www.verbix.com/


123teachme.com is pretty good for Spanish verbs!


Thanks for the site. You deserve a few of these


That's an amazing site. another awesome one for spanish (especialmente para castellano) is www.conjuguemos.com. There is a great number of resources available there, as well as practice conjugations in Spanish, Italian and French.


I'll have to take a look, I'm needing some help with Italian. Thanks for sharing!


Yeah your welcome, Also look at ielanguages.com. They have every major romantic language (including Latin!), three Slavonic, Finnish and Turkish. It is a very interesting site, and pairs up very well for duo lingo when you find your passion in a language.


This looks VERY helpful! Especially for us who are learning Portuguese and get confused about those conjugations! Muito obrigado!


You're welcome!


Very helpful. Thank you!


Opa! This is great, something iv'e been looking for, for quite a while/

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