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So, I guess I finished it?

Anyone know when the Latin course will really open up and not be Beta anymore? There were 3 "trees", I guess, and I'm done? I have some Latin textbooks, but really miss my 1/2 hour a day with Duolingo. (I'm still taking Spanish concurrently, so won't go into withdrawal!)

January 18, 2020



Congratulations on finishing the Latin course!

The course will emerge from Beta test whenever the percentage of reported incorrect answers falls below a certain level, and we don't know when that will be. The course developers/maintainers say that once the course is out of Beta an expansion of it will be worked on.

. . . really miss my 1/2 hour a day with Duolingo.

Me too. I'm thinking of resuming practice for 10-20 XP's per day just for "old time's sake."

You can pick and choose among lessons to practice at your duome page whenever you're logged in to the Latin course on Duolingo.

[Added] There's some really easy reading available online that involves only the present tense. It's pretty simple, but it is practice. For instance, see the page linked to (i.e., "On this page") in my comment to this discussion.


If you haven't taken all the skills to level 5 (golden), you can do that. It provides more practice translating from English into Latin.


Once all your skills are golden, they will "decay" and appear cracked on the tree. Then you can work on those. They seem to come in sets of tree, not quite every day.

Yes, the latin course is very small at this point, but if it follows the example of the other courses, it won't stay that way.


Now, you can try to read something, there are many classical books. I think thats the best purpouse of studying latin, if you're not a cristian


I'm mostly learning it just to be a know-it-all who says smartass things in Latin just to go over everyone's heads.


I'm getting close too. Probably I'll keep it leveled up somewhat until the course expands, but in the meantime I have "Lingua Latina per se Illustrata" to read. Might be some good Tinycards to expand vocabulary. And it might be cool to pick up Greek as well.


Wow. Can you tell me which book you are working on? I only have ten minutes a day for Latin and tend to use less of I can zip through something.

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