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Hawaiian is the easiest language!!

If you want to be able to talk to people, but you think you're too lazy to learn a whole language, you should really learn hawaiian! Unlike, Spanish, which has over 100 skills, Hawaiian only has 30.

All you have to learn is words and where to put them in a sentence, and that's it!!

(Just so you know, I haven't actually learned all of it, so this might not be true, but I have looked at the last skill and it looks like just what I said.)

Have a nice day, everyone!

January 18, 2020



Confirming this is not true. Raised in Hawaii and having learned Hawaiian in school, I can say that Duo only covers Hawaiian material up to a low A1 level. The Duo Hawaiian course only contains approximately 600 words, while the Hawaiian language itself contains between 20,000 and 40,000 words (approximates).

I am also a fluent speaker of Spanish and I can say it is much easier than Hawaiian due to the abundance of resources and more similarities to the English language.


That is very much not true. What you mean is that the Hawaiian course on Duolingo is much shorter, so it is easier to complete. This does not mean that Hawaiian is easier, just that the course teaches you less. Learning Hawaiian is a great thing to do! But differences in word order and vocabulary are much greater between Hawaiian and English than your example of Spanish. If you actually want to put the least effort into language learning on Duolingo, learn Norwegian, which is very similar to English and has a great course on Duolingo!

Again, learning Hawaiian is still a really cool thing, especially if you are interested in Hawaiian culture. However, Hawaiian is not a great language to learn if you don't want to make any effort. Besides, if you're learning Hawaiian to speak with other people, unless you live in Hawai'i it will be very difficult to find others who speak Hawaiian, unlike a popular second language for English speakers like Spanish or French.

Sorry for the long comment and I wish you all the best on your journey of learning Hawaiian! Just keep in mind that it's not going to be as simple as you might think right now.


why is the post even here.


I agree. There are so many that use Duolingo, every age from eight to beyond eighty. I once responded to a person who said he could now speak Hawaiian and that it is the easiest language. You should try it!
When I responded, I knew it was very likely posted by a child. Kindness and congratulations work really well in those circumstances.


As someone who has studied and spoken Spanish for over ten years, I find Hawaiian to be a bit difficult. In my opinion, no language is totally easy to learn— to be considered fluent, one has to be adept in speaking, writing, reading and listening. Also once you start learning a new language, you never stop because there is always some idiom or random word that you will have to look up. The Hawaiian course may seem less intimidating, but the vocabulary tripped me up. I will say that pronunciation is pretty easy to conquer and once you get used to the VSO sentence structure, Hawaiian is not too difficult. But I shudder at the thought of practicing my Hawaiian after barely a week in. The household unit is where I hit the wall. That’s only the 7th one!


Yeah but are you really at the end Hawaiian or are you at the end of the beginning?


On Duolingo, for me, it would have to be Dutch, Latin American Spanish and Indonesian. Spelling Hawaiian words that are long with Okinas and Kahakōs adds a little challenge. I have to say it out loud in order to get it right.

Just search "hawaiian language basics" and you will find great info on Hawaiian.


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