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Listening/watching resources?

Hello! I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find (preferably free) subtitled videos of people speaking Latin.

Other resources to help me learn would be greatly appreciated, too.

January 19, 2020



Subtitles in English or Latin?

There is SO much more available than there used to be. Most of this material is more advanced than the level the Duolingo has course reached, however.

Try Magister Craft, some of the videos available from Daniel Pettersson on Latinitium (also has a YouTube page and a Patreon page w/ some really good easy material, but it's a subscription site), some of the material on Justin Slocum Bailey's Indwelling site (subtitles can be added by means of the little gear wheel at the foot of the videos), and there are some subtitled videos from the Paideia Institute. "ScorpioMartianus" was already mentioned by LimonadaFria. On those sites there are also really good materials w/ transcriptions of the Latin rather than subtitles.

Probably Magister Craft and some of the Latinitium and Indwelling materials are easiest, as well as being very enjoyable. There are even easier materials around (although not always very good); if I come up w/ links I'll append them.

If you find any of these materials useful, let us all know. It could be a way to have better-targeted suggestions.

[Added] Links have been corrected. As far as other materials to help you learn: How do you like to study? There is H.H. ├śrberg's Lingua Latina per se Illustrata "Nature Method," the Assimil Lingua Latina sine Molestia method by Desessard, an enormous amount of good but old-fashioned material (much of it free for download), as well as textbooks, other videos, etc. You could join the LatinStudy e-mail list and inquire there.

And there is also Carpelanam's beginners' course on Duolingo, which would be a good continuation of the Duolingo course.


Thank you for the detailed response! Subtitles or transcripts in both English and Latin would be great. I'll come around to checking all of them out very soon.

Seems like everyone manages to find their way to Magister Craft. Real entertaining and the Latin is quite simple which is great for beginners like me!

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