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  5. "Voi mangiate quanto volete."

"Voi mangiate quanto volete."

Translation:You eat as much as you want.

July 7, 2014



What's wrong with 'eat as much as you want'?


I'm a native english speaker and your sentence, without the "you", is more commonly heard than DL's. One could envisage a host inviting her/his guests to "eat as much as they want." Or, as my Italian grandmother would say, "mangia".


Your proposed sentence is an imperative, whereas Duo's sentence is more of an observation.

The different functions are distinguished by the use of 'voi'... 'Voi mangiate...' is an observation. 'Mangiate...' is your command/instruction


Another hint that this is not an imperative sentence is that Duolingo always puts an exclamation mark on an imperative. Is that just a convention of Duolingo or is it an Italian rule?


It is a DuoLingo convention, not an Italian rule.


In English, an imperative sentence can end with either a period or an exclamation point, usually depending on urgency. I'm old, and when I was young, we were taught to use exclamation points with imperative sentences more often than is common today. It makes Duolingo's practice seem charmingly old-fashioned to me, as well as a useful indicator that they are looking for the imperative. Keep doing it, Duo!


I Put Exclamation Points At The End Of All Sentences! Except Those I End With A Period.


I said "as much as you like" which, under the context, seems it should be accepted since "like" is synonymous with want


I said "as much as you wish"- again dinged. Duolingo really should be prepared to accept variances that others would feel were acceptable


I suggest that "you eat as much as you please" should also be accepted :)


Why is it okay to leave off the direct article when translating to Italian but not to English. I wrote "Eat as much as you want". Why wouldn't the "You" be implied here?


Without the 'voi' the sentence becomes a command, so including 'voi' is necessary here to distinguish between the two functions


I wrote "You eat as much as you want to" which is perfectly good English! It was not accepted

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