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"nIteb bIjaHchugh, Qob. SoHvaD Dochvam vInob."

Translation:If you go alone, it's dangerous. I will give you this.

January 19, 2020



JelDavo' Dochvam'a'? Qujvetlh vImuSHa'!


majQa'! I understood what you were saying! You have accomplished communicating in Klingon. Qapla'!

Now a couple grammar notes. The interrogative verb suffix -'a' cannot go on a noun, so you appear to be using the augmentative noun suffix -'a' which is identical in appearance, but not in meaning. If you did intend to use the noun suffix, then it is type 1 and must go before any other noun suffixes.

I'm guessing, from your use of a question mark, that you actually intended to use the verb suffix -'a' and just misplaced it. This brings up another problem with that first sentence - it lacks a verb. Verbs are very important in Klingon. Klingons are much more interested in actions than in things. In fact a full sentence can consist of nothing more than just a bare verb stem:
Sop ("He ate it.")

Since you have gotten as far as this sentence in the course, I'm hoping you have learned to use pronouns as the verb "to be". That is what you need in that first sentence to make it a complete sentence meaning what I believe you had intended. And then you will have a verb (or at least a pronoun acting as a verb) into which you can place the interrogative verb suffix -'a'.

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