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"Chan eil piuthar reamhar agam."

Translation:I do not have a fat sister.

January 19, 2020



How am I supposed to know when "mh" together is a 'v' sound like in "mhath" or more of a 'w' sound like it is in this "reamhar?" Does it have to do with placement in the word...beginning or middle?


Do we really need to use "fat" so often in this course? It feels unnecessary and mean :( There are so many other adjectives we could be learning instead of that one.


IMO, fat, stupid and dreadful are a necessary part of speech whether we like them or not. I would rather know them than not. But, i do agrre that it often sounds mean. I want to give Iain a hug because he gets called stupid so often


I hope a native speaker will chime in because I wonder if reamhar is considered mean in Gaelic as fat is in American English. It's possible that reamhar translates to something like plump.


Plump is fine. The sentence example here even describes thick snow as reamhar. https://www.faclair.com/ViewDictionaryEntry.aspx?ID=6C2D8154C9226D9302802841FBA67CC2


I'd appreciate it if someone could explain why the word fat is used so often. Seems mad to me.


Is it in the meaning of "thick" for different things, or for people and impolite, or how is it used?

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