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  5. "Tha iomain à Alba."

"Tha iomain à Alba."

Translation:Shinty is from Scotland.

January 19, 2020



Can someone explain what shinty is?


imagine a mix of hockey and lacrosse but the sticks are bigger and everyone wants to kill each other. not for the faint-hearted and can get quite nasty ! helmets had to be introduced some time ago to stop head traumas but not compulsory.

the game is played with a small, hard leather ball. some rules and play are quite similar to association football - game two 45 min halves - 90 minutes in total, games won on most goals scored, corners, free hits and spot penalties.

the closest sport to it is hurling from ireland (also called iomáin!). scotland and ireland play a match every year where they merge the two rules of shinty and hurling but play with their respective sticks (shinty is like a 'l' shaped stick (caman), hurling is like a flat-ended paddle.

teams in scotland compete in the league and in a cup competition called the camanachd cup. kingussie are the most successful team (at one time the most successful sports team in the world), although many newtonmore fans will tell you otherwise!


It's similar to hockey, but more brutal.


After so many "Tha Runrig glè mhath" sentences, i had to look them up...you know what, tha Runrig glè mhath!


I wrote Hurley is from Scotland. Of course, I was wrong.
Tha Hurley a Eirinn.


Surely "Shinty is Scottish" is also correct?


Your answer, "Shinty is Scottish" would be "Tha iomain Albannach" which conveys a similar meaning, but is not an exact translation. I don't think Dualingo has the ability to list and accept every possible similar answer.

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