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Immersion - Problems with embedded comments

1) The comment always shows the latest revision. A comment made in respect of an earlier translation appears to be out of context.

2) There is nowhere to place a generic comment that applies to the whole article.

3) People only see the comments if they choose to click on them.

It is pointless commenting at the sentence level, as almost no one is going to see or read them.

April 29, 2013



We're about to change how this works :)


Thank you Luis!


Also something should be done against "vandals". I don't even approach the Immersion because of that.


Agreed. I've just fixed 2 this morning. Userid: Mac1. The problem may be that these people don't even realise what they are doing.


Perhaps you could help by elaborating on what you mean by "vandals". If you think they don't know they are doing it then you should explain it.

Since Duo dropped the pure translation exercises from the lessons format, I haven't looked at them. But thinking about the few that I have done, I really can't think of what a vandal is or what he might do.

For me, the pure translation exercises were an insight to my real level of competency in French obtained in an interesting way. I don't see how anybody could interfere with that.

However immersion does take time away from my lessons so now that they are not required to complete a group I haven't done them.


Anyone can now edit a translated sentence. Rather than being added to the pool of possible translations for voting, or being sent to the original poster to accept or reject, it simply replaces the current translation.

I know some DLs don't realise this is how it now works. Others are exploiting this loophole just to gain points for trivial "corrections" to earlier posts - like removing necessary punctuation. Still others are posting inane remarks.

Sure, the earlier translations are there in the revision history, but someone has to click "Edit", "Show Revisions", review the Revison History, select the earlier translation and click "Revert to selected translation" to repair the damage done.

Why don't you just try it and see for yourself how it now works?


The same kind of vandals who vandalized Wikipedia in the start. Last time I checked an immersion article in French, and someone translated something like "He lives in Germany" to "Ma mere est championne de poireau". If this is not vandalism, I don't know what that is.


plus when it says you got some points for solveing the problem it dose not add it to the day or the total points you have


I think there is just a delay in the points being added to your score. If I check back a few hours later they seem to have been added.

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