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"Tha na flùraichean marbh. Cha robh iad saor."

Translation:The flowers are dead. They were not cheap.

January 19, 2020


[deactivated user]

    there's an odd audio hiccough on the second sentence of this one.


    Seconded. I reported the unclear audio; it occurs in the second sentence and seems to skip over 'iad' completely.


    She misses the word "robh".


    You're right; I just got this again now and can confirm. I knew there was one word completely missing in the audio, but I remembered the wrong one.


    The audio is not clear on this. Actually, the woman that did this recording is often not clear. I've noticed this in other recordings she's done.

    [deactivated user]

      I think what you are hearing here is a reduction of "iad" to a "t" sound, sort of like "Cha robh' t saor."


      How does saor mean cheap and joiner?


      Similar English words:

      bat (baseball) and bat (small flying mammal)

      wind (blowing in the wind) and wind (wind up the clock or wind down the party)

      compact (small in size) and compact (make up container) or compact (verb meaning to reduce in size)

      "fair" weather, art "fair" in the summer, and grades that are "fair"

      to "lie" down or to tell a "lie"

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