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  5. "E Kaleo, ʻeleu ʻoe!"

"E Kaleo, ʻeleu ʻoe!"

Translation:Kaleo, you are quick!

January 20, 2020



Based on correct responses for earlier levels, "E Kaleo" can also be translated as "Hey Kaleo."


Energetic should be accepted based on previous lessons. Such as: "He haumāna ʻeleu ʻo ia." Translation:She is an energetic student.


Based on the first example of "Eleu," I believe that this could also be translated as "Kaleo, quickly!," especially with the exclamation mark.


That is what I did. I will flag it — 8 months on lol.


It seems you are marking things wrong that were counted as right in previous lessions. E Kaleo was interpreted as meaning Hey Kaleo several times in previous lessons -


Aloha e Puanani51. I am not sure who you are referring to. My own post a month ago was on the topic of whether to translate this sentence as ‘you are quick’ vs. ‘quickly’. Now I am even thinking whether ‘hurry up’ is valid.

I think you are mostly focussed on Hey Kaleo. I would think if the DL beta team have put it there it is almost certainly correct. On the other hand I did some research through a few sources, e.g. DL dictionary has hey as ‘aloha’. Google refuses to translate hey and leaves it in English. A new source for me is best — Glosbe, which says there is no translation of hey but then gives 20+ contextual examples (by algorithm/ AI). I would interested in kāu mau mānaʻo, e ‘olu’olu. https://en.glosbe.com/en/haw/hey

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