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  5. "Viaggiate molto?"

"Viaggiate molto?"

Translation:Do you travel a lot?

July 7, 2014



I think 'molto' could mean much but very much I think is 'moltissimo' is closer to very much. But I think 'much' should be correct also.


do you travel lots is not a plural, it means the same as a lot


Why "Do you ALL travel a lot"?


"Tu viaggi" = you travel (singular), but "voi viaggiate" = you travel (plural), hence "you all".


With the correct inflection "do" could be superfluous.


Only from the kitchen to toilet


It could also be, do you travel often?


Mon Ae ❤❤❤❤. Often should count


Why is saying 'very much' incorrect, when I would say that as a speaker of British English?


I used: are you travelling a lot? which I believe is a fair translation. As an Australian I just wouldn't say 'you all' - it is an Americanism ergo not correct English, at least outside the USA.

I could also use 'very much' as carli1195 stated below, rather than 'a lot'.
'A lot' is more American................regrettably the sad American influence on Australian English. But definitely NO 'you all'.


I answered 'are you travelling much?' which is perfectly correct English when addressing two or more people. As an Australian I object to the enforced usage of Americanisms such as 'you all' on speakers of the Queen's English! Using 'a lot' in this instance is also not the only acceptable answer: 'much' is a better alternative.


Do you all travel much is not accepted. Why not;?


Why is "Do you travel much?" not accepted here? It is so much easier for me to remember it that way and for some others too.


Literally what I wrote 3 days later and it was accepted


I used a "great deal" to avoid the slang of "a lot" and it was rejected. F.Y.I I am an American from a northern state, to mean a plural you most of us just say you. "You all" is generally seen as a southern expression.


In English we often drop the "do" and say "You [all] travel a lot?" and this should be accepted. Reported.

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