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"Oh dear, there is a lion in your house again."

Translation:Obh obh, tha leòmhann anns an taigh agad a-rithist.

January 20, 2020



Okay, someone tell me -- is this a common occurrence in Scotland?


Yes, I keep a lion in my house to keep the bears away. You have probably seen the other sentence

Chan eil mathan anns an taigh agam.

Now you know why.

Actually they have a courtyard in Stirling Castle where they used to keep lions. It was empty last time I visited. I suspect the space would not meet modern welfare regulations for lions as it is not very big.

Lion's den in Stirling Castle
Lion's den in Stirling Castle


You are arguing over an and ann...the lion is eating you!


When do we say anns and when ann?


Anns an - in the

Ann an - in a


Im so deeply saddened to have neither bear nor lion in my taigh in Alba. And to think that, before Duolingo I didn't even know that they should be here. Obh obh!


Thank you for this....so clear!!!!


Just as tj4234 said.... and to add to it, one would use ''anns an'' here because it is not just any house but a specific house- ''your'' house


Tha a' bàta-falbhain agam loma-làn easgannan...


Tha am bàta-falbhain [...]

Please correct or it will confuse the Hungarians.

Cultural reference on YouTube


Could you not say 'san taigh agad' as well?


Yes it is equally valid. If you had it rejected it should be reported, but you don't say if you did.


I think this was answered somewhere else, but I am a bear of little brain and don't remember. What is the difference (if any) between /A lion is in your house./ and /There is a lion in your house./? I'm sorry if this has already been addressed.


None, except that the 'there is' construction is regarded as more natural English. The rule for translating into Gaelic (if you want one) is that you should not translate the there at the beginning of the sentence if there is another bit saying where the thing is as well (in the house).


Happens to me all the time.


I was marked wrong because I put the comma in the wrong place!

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