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Completed lessons not shown

When I complete a lesson and press continue it freezes and my progress is not recorded.

August 1, 2012



Anyone else, I have this problem at work.. :(


This has not happened to me. Maybe instead pressing continue, go back to home, and start from there. If you know your progress before you start a lesson, you can compare after you finish a lesson, by going back to "home" to see if your score has changed. Keep going girl!!


This happens to me too. After completing the same lesson for more than 3 times, I'm still stuck on the same lesson!!!


I've having this issue as well. I've tried of chrome and fire fox, multiple lessons as well as the timed refresh lessons.

After answering the last question of a lesson successfully it stalls on refresh for a few minutes and then goes back to home without adding the points or completing the lesson.


also having this issue! please help


Did anyone manage to solve this? I am stuck as well!


yes, I'm having this problem in adverbs, I complete and pass lesson 3 but Duolingo keeps requiring me to do lesson 3 over and over

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