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"A bheil i fliuch no grianach?"

Translation:Is it wet or sunny?

January 20, 2020



I put "Is it raining or sunny?" and it was marked wrong. Wouldn't "raining" be a fair translation of "fliuch"?


I think wet doesn’t necessarily have to mean raining. It could had been raining a day before and now it’s wet (but not raining anymore); it might be pouring wet snow that is immediately melting on the ground (but not really raining), etc.


I must admit I had associated fliuch with wilder weather, but now I see that's garbh, though there are a lot of idioms involving fliuch that seem to be of the 'soaking wet' variety.


To me this speaker doesn't sound like she's posing a question because I'm expecting an upward inflection at the end of the sentence which she doesn't do here.

A quirk of Gaelic or an error of the speaker/recording?


It’s a Gaelic feature. See this subject on the same matter: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/36064348


Can't it be both?


I keep getting grianach and greannach mixed up. I know they aren't even close in meaning or in usage but I keep typing one when I mean the other. Any tips on a mnemonic trick to help remember which is what?


Coming from a Scot: it's frequently both!

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