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  5. "Chan eil an t-aran daor."

"Chan eil an t-aran daor."

Translation:The bread is not expensive.

January 20, 2020



any ethymological link between daor and the German "teuer"?


I don’t think so, according to Wiktionary, daor comes from Old Irish dóer, itself a compound of do- (not, un-, bad) and fer (man) (meaning unfree, lowborn, serf, both as adjective and a noun, see also doír in eDIL) while German teuer, English dear, Scandinavian dyr, etc. come from Proto-Germanic *diurijaz of unknown origin, but unrelated to Irish dóer.

Compare saor from OIr. sóer, saer (free, freeman) from Proto-Celtic *su-wiros (good man).


This is a lesson on travel isn't it? Struggling for context.


Go with the flow man!!!!!

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