Out of sync

I am now doing Duolingo on the PC as well as on the phone app. I notice discrepancies in my progress. For example, on the PC I am still finishing a skill that the app claims I have already finished. Similarly, the app prompts me to revisit skills that have 'cracked', which are not shown as such on the website.

Not desperately important, but I am wondering.

January 20, 2020


Not sure about progress on skills that aren't gold, but I don't think the cracked skills have been implemented on the Web yet. I'd like to see that, but maybe without having only 4-5 lessons between crown levels 3 and 4, 4 and 5, etc. They're working on it. Edit. It just occurred to me that the discrepancy may be due to the different numbers of lessons in a skill moving between higher crown levels on the app and the PC may be the problem.

Each lesson on the Android and iPadOS apps is two lessons in the web page for me - on the web I get half as many points and half as many questions, with twice as many lessons per level. It does make it feel pretty quirky going back and forth so I'll do an entire level in one place instead of trying to split it across the two platforms.

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