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Suggestion: search function for vocabulary

This morning I wanted to look up again how to use / conjugate "devenir". However, if you have a long word list it takes forever to load, which means that using CTRL+F doesn't always work to find what you're looking for.

Suggestion: Implement a search function for words in the vocabulary section.

April 29, 2013



A search function would be great, but here's a tip in the meantime: At the top of the first column ("Word") on the Vocabulary page, you will see arrows pointing up and down. Click on that, and Duolingo will sort all the words in your list into alphabetical order, making the word you're looking for easier to find.


I agree that this is a must. Right now my only hope is if I remember which unit it was in and select that. It would also be really useful to have the ability to export the word list for a unit. I could make flash cards for study.


Searching should be implemented. Maybe include option for words we haven't learned, like a dictionary section. Often lessons introduce words but don't formally "teach" them yet till later lessons. I am often looking for words I just saw but they happen to not appear in the lesson.


It should present your vocab like some translation dictionary apps do. A search function is much needed. :P


I think that's a great idea! It is very practic, specially if you're loking for a word you have learn a while ago but you want to make sure it is well written. I support this idea it's really clever :D I think the idea of making something like a dicctionary section like the other user said it's very necessary , too, because sometimes you look for a word that you need to use but it's not in the lessions you have taken, so it will be really cool that we can for example, write in english the word and receive the french one in return. Plus I think most important it's that we could hear it, that's something I'd really like because I often feel the urge how words and phrases sounds. Specailly in french cos in french words change depending on the other words that are closed to them, cos french language it's made for being spelled like if it was a chain of clips, linking the word that goes first with the next one and so on.


A search engine would be a wonderful addition to the site not just in the vocabulary section but site wide. Search results should display all lessons using the searched for word in lesson order.

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