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  5. "I do not like cats at all."

"I do not like cats at all."

Translation:Cha toil leam cait idir.

January 21, 2020



Excuse me, Duolingo, you're supposed to teach me things that I will say...


Is it cait instead of cat because of idir?


Cait is plural.


Adding an i is one of the standard ways of making a plural. We sometimes do it in English, with an e or an i

mouse โ†’ mice
foot โ†’ feet
man โ†’ men

The umlaut in German, which is sometimes written as a e (i.e. รค = ae) also serves the same purpose.


Yes of course, but "Ceud mheud cat" is "How many cats?" So is the singular used whenever the number is unspecified, or only when asking how many? If the former (which is what I took from the notes, possibly mistakenly), then why is the plural used here - is it because of "idir" ("at all")?


Certain adjectives, such as meud and iomadh take a singular noun. You might be making a valid generalization but I do not know. It is not usually taught like that.


The singular is used if you're asking how many, for sure. But idir isn't affecting anything. Cha toil leam cat idir = I don't like a cat at all. Cha toil leam cait idir = I don't like cats at all. You can remove the idir and the sentences will work the same way


I'm a dog person, but i still like cats!

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