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Yellow text hard to read

The new words are highlighted in yellow and I find them hard to see against the white background on my teeny tiny phone screen. Is anyone else finding this? Is there a way to change the colour?

January 21, 2020



I agree, and I find them hard to read on Desktop too. The print is quite small, yet I'm not able to increase the size of the browser font beyond a certain point because if I zoom in more than a couple times, it breaks the page layout.

It seems poor design.

The old color was good enough, I don't remember what it was but it was a darker color and was easier to read and I never remember having this problem.

Yet another example of DuoLingo changing things that don't need fixing, breaking things that were previously working. I wish they would just leave stuff all the stuff the same, that worked, and focused instead on making incremental improvements.

This is why I cancelled my paid subscription years ago. I have very little faith in the competence of the Duolingo management and paid staff.


I agree that those can be hard to see and I really wonder why they would choose yellow, of all colors (seriously, only white would be worse).

There is no official way to turn it off, but there might be some user scripts that can do so (maybe in some of the dark mode add ons?)


True. I found it almost unreadable when taking Japanese courses.


There is a recurrent mistake about abdulila, the app is blocked there, could someone solve this?

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