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  5. "Màiri agus caraid."

"Màiri agus caraid."

Translation:Mairi and a friend.

January 21, 2020



for words like caraid, some speakers pronounce a firm 'tch' sound at the end, like the English word 'catch'. Other speakers pronounce a softer 'th' like the English word 'pith'. Is one more correct than the other? Are these regional variances?


Regional yes. Dialect is diverse in Gaelic.


Audio for this one is extremely difficult to parse out.


Well, it sounds like it fades a little at the end, but I think that it's good to have practice with recordings that are a little bit harder to understand.


The problem isn't it fading at the end, I could hardly tell anyone was speaking it was so soft. Had to turn the volume way up to hear it at all, then the ding at the end was painfully loud. I get the impression Duolingo is unconcerned about the learner.

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