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  5. "Tha an Gearasdan àlainn."

"Tha an Gearasdan àlainn."

Translation:Fort William is lovely.

January 21, 2020



Fort William isn't politically much better than an gearasdan, is it? Anyway, I sure won't forget how to spell An Gearasdan now!


No. It's worse. An Gearasdan carries that sense of occupation. Fort William carries the sense of our illustrious King William who had the place built to 'pacify' the obnoxious Gaels. Of course the term 'illustrious' is not accepted by everyone as he is possibly the most hated person in the whole history of the Highlands. Not everyone likes him in Ireland either.


I think this refers to the town and is intended to be funny as an Gearasdan is not a pretty town. an Gearasdan may remind us of occupation but many need to be reminded or even educated about the tragic history of the Highlands - ''lest we forget''. Preferable to the Beurla name. Don't get me started about Fort Augustus!


So, this sentence is a pure provocation for any Scottish person with just a tiny sense of history. WTF. Ifrinn. Really offensive.


I don't think Jamie Fraser would agree with this sentence...

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