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  5. "What's going on, Finlay?"

"What's going on, Finlay?"

Translation:Dè tha dol, Fhionnlaigh?

January 21, 2020



Why not a Fhionnlaigh?


Because 'fh' is silent, it now begins with a vowel sound.


I put that and I got "Another correct solution: Dè tha dol, Fhionnlaigh?"


When do we use Fionnlaigh or Fhionnlaigh? Is that just lenition? Still trying to wrap my head around when that happens


It's vocative case. You lenite and slendarise (if possible) a name when addressing someone of that name.

For example:

Ciamar a tha Seumas? - how is James?

Ciamar a tha thu, a Sheumais? - how are you, James?

Have you read the notes? If you go on the desktop webpage for duolingo on your computer you will see the course notes.


Thanks for the clarification! I always forget to check the course notes because I'm in the app. I don't know why they can't just bring the notes over to mobile

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