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"Sono diventati molto nervosi."

Translation:They became very nervous.

April 29, 2013



So how would you say they become very nervous?


why isn't it molti nervosa?


Refused also "they got very nervous.". Reporting too.


Why is - They become very nervous - wrong? When hovering over the work diventati the word "become" is one of the options.


Isn't it the tense? "They become" is happening now. I know that in English we do sometimes use the present to express things that happened in the past, but DL can't allow for that. The correct answers must be "They became very nervous" or "They have become very nervous". I assume the second sentence is the reason that "become" is in the dropdown - you can use it, but you have to add an auxiliary.


Why isn't "they got very nervous" accepted? English isn't my first language so I may be wrong, but it seems to me that "to get nervous" sounds more natural than "to become nervous."


We should leave the meaning of GOT to situations where there is actual acquiring, obtaining, fetching, etc. Unfortunately get and got are often and frequently used/misused in American English. These words are more slang in everyday use and as you can see there are more precise words to convey those meanings. We have words which can give a better explaination of how we "get" something.  In this case I would use the meaning of "became" (internal) rather than "got".


To become nervous is good english, got nervous although acceptable isn't as kind to the ears.


indeed it is (& I'm a native speaker English teacher)


I wrote,"They have become very nervous." which was not accepted. How would you translate my sentence into Italian then?


Just like that ;) sentence fixed!


I wrote "they became very nervous" and it was marked incorrect. Then at the end wrote the same thing and it marked it correct. 9/11/17


"Edgy" was marked wrong. Reverso gives "nervous, tense" for "nervoso". I would have thought that edgy (which I got from the dropdown) would seem a good synonym.
It also gives "nervoso" as the translation if you put in "edgy". I have reported it.


The audio for this definitely sounds like "nervose" even when played in slow motion, so I got it wrong.


Refused "they grew very nervous". Reported

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