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  5. "Tha mi a' leughadh fhathast."

"Tha mi a' leughadh fhathast."

Translation:I am still reading.

January 21, 2020



For those who are having problems with this one, the 'gh' in leughadh (reading) is pronounced 'v'.

It's just one of those anomalies that can happen, in all languages occasionally, when a variation to the norm occurs.


Ty sooooo much! I have a hard time sometimes pronouncing these words


Check out this page of the LearnGaelic site. It goes over the different sounds that letter combinations can make depending on the location of them in a word. I've been using it in conjunction with this site, and my spelling and hearing recognition has improved. https://learngaelic.scot/sounds/index.jsp


Yes but it does not cover the unusual pronunciation of gh in this word, which is atypical, so it's not really very helpful here.


That's a wonderful site, thank you for sharing it!


I will never spell this word correctly on my first attempt, ever. Sigh.


The man reciting the sentence says "lay•vig". The woman reciting the word separately (when I hover over the word) pronounces it "lay•egg" (but with a softer g). I choose the first. Easier for me to say.


Yes, both are valid. And the one you would expect, if you have read a pronunciation guide, for a broad gh is the one way you can't say it.

The y-sound you describe (i.e. a slender gh) is sometimes heard in some words with a broad gh, either as a variant or, in words such as brèagha, as the standard pronunciation.

But the v-sound is the most common pronunciation for this word and is unique and intriguing. I have always assumed it was caused by confusion with the word leabhar 'book' since they probably had nothing to read other then books when reading was first introduced.

Both words are of Latin origin, introduced by monks bringing the Bible. Ironically, the bh in leabhar is usually pronounced as a /w/ not a /v/ these days though both are possible. D

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