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  5. "Sin Calum mòr!"

"Sin Calum mòr!"

Translation:That is big Calum!

January 21, 2020



Is this saying that "that Calum" is big? As opposed to another smaller Calum.


I've seen it used in the situation where there are more than one. Where a father and son might have the same name, so the father would be called Calum Mòr. The younger would be called Calum Òg. But I'm sure those lessons are further in than at this current level.


Can this program allow for the devices we use to auto correct Calum to "Calm?" At random, very inconsistently, my device will think it's correcting the name to "calm" when I meant what I originally texted as "Calum." Since it's inconsistent, I don't recheck what I confidently wrote and then it gets marked wrong. I know there are other typos accepted, so that gave me hope enough to suggest that this one be accepted. Thanks, either way, for the consideration!

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