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  5. "Tha falt liath orm a-nis."

"Tha falt liath orm a-nis."

Translation:I have gray hair now.

January 21, 2020



The Inuit have many different words for snow. Considering the weather in Scotland, it makes sense that Gaidhlig has multiple words for grey.


Glas seems to be the color grey itself, as in painting. A mix of white and black. Liath is the greying or diminishing of color. Liath ghorm, liath dhearg, etc.


Why is grey hair falt liath and not falt glas?


The answer is in the Tips and Notes (on a PC, but not on a phone) or go to https://www.duome.eu/tips/en/gd "Gaelic has some different colours that we use for hair and fur. ruadh - red / ginger (not dearg ) falt ruadh - red hair bàn - fair / blonde (not buidhe or geal ) falt bàn - fair hair liath - grey (not glas ) falt liath - grey hair"


Chan eil sin cearr!


Isn't liath light blue?


I thought so, too, but the Duolingo dictionary and Google use gorm for blue.

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