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  5. "duine agus cù"

"duine agus "

Translation:a person and a dog

January 21, 2020



Duine also means husband I believe?


Technically. Duine means "person". It's masculine so is used for male "persons". There isn't actually a word for husband or wife in Gaelic (as such). If you say "my man" or "my woman" in Gaelic people understand that to mean "my husband" or "my wife".


I thought bean was literally wife (an adult married woman as opposed to cailin/maiden), and boireannach was adopted so that adult women didn't have to be referred to by marital status?


the translation given is exactly the same as the answer I gave, where did I go wrong?


in reply to the post by tj4234, where does bean come in to it?

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