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Reply button for too deeply nested comments

Currently, Reply button disappears when the comments become too deeply nested:


In this example, I had to reply to my previous comment rather than to the comment of lookingsideways. I understand this is probably done to prevent comments from being shifted more and more to the right, but I don't find this solution very effective. Now, if someone upvotes my last comment, it will appear above the comment of lookingsideways and the whole discussion will look confusing.

Is there a possibility to keep Reply button for all the comments but just don't shift them to the right after some level of nesting?

April 29, 2013



i belive this could be helpfull to users like me who read a few of the disscussions occasionally and this is a intersting thought :D


As you have said, I think the issue would be it would cause page stretching or strenuous scrolling in order to be easy to read and visually appealing, which is likely what the designers intended to avoid. I think a more effective way would be quoting option to prevent confusion or @username like on youtube. Anyways, great idea.

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